OK; I’m working on a longer Blog entry, but I just noticed something I want to get out right away.

Today, Apple held a special event, where they discussed the Mac. They talked about the next version of OS X (Lion), the new Mac Book Airs, and a few other things. They also noted that the Mac business was worth $22B in 2010.

But waitaminit… by my numbers (which are from Apple’s own quarterly Data Sums), CPU revenue (Laptops and Desktops) for 2010 was just under $17.5B… not $22B. What gives? But then I noted that, for 2010, iPad revenue was almost $5B… aha! As Ihnatko might say; “J’Accuse, Apple!” I saw what you did there. We all know that including iPad as a (some would say successful) competitor to those silly Winduhs “netbooks,” gives Apple a huge leg up in the “Market Share Wars.” Well played, Mr. Jobs… well played sir!