Well, Apple released it’s financial results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011 today. And once again, it was a doozy.

Revenue for the quarter was $ 28 Billion; a bit less than the last quarter (which I actually did not expect) but a 39% increase over the year-ago quarter. Unit sales of all products were good, with iPhone and iPod units down slightly from the last quarter, but Macs and iPads up. They actually sold 11 Million iPads last quarter and 17 Million iPhones. iPhone accounted for almost 39% of their quarterly revenue, while iPads made up 24%.

But the big news (for me) was that, with this quarter’s results, we can determine that their annual revenue for 2011 was a grand total of $108,249,000,000. That’s just over $108 Billion, putting Apple into the “Billion Dollars a Year Club” for the first time.

You may recall, in my last blog post, I went out on a limb and predicted something between $113 and $116 Bn, and a Fortune 500 Position of somewhere around 15th or 16th place. As I was a bit short on the revenue, I will modify my Fortune 500 prediction to around 16th or 17th place, still well ahead of last year’s 35th spot; a record showing for them up to that point… but that depends, of course, on how well the other members of the club do with their fiscal results; as Einstein says, “It’s all relative.” Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the Fortune 500 list comes out, sometime around the end of May 2012, to know for sure.

But looking at that revenue figure…that would put Apple ahead (in terms of revenue) of companies like IBM, Wells Fargo and Proctor and Gamble. And way ahead of Microsoft, Dell and Intel.

As usual, based on this good news, Apple’s stock price has taken a beating and gone down, but it is worth noting that, at market close today, Apple had a Market Cap of $391 Billion (an almost 2 month high), ahead of Exxon Mobil by almost $8 Billion, making Apple the largest company in the US by Market Cap once again. This number will likely change significantly during tomorrow’s trading, of course (and as Mr. Gruber notes on his blog, now is probably a great time to buy some Apple stock… but I digress).

I may post some graphs and other analysis later, but I wanted to get this initial reaction onto the intertubes tonight.