Apple released it’s quarterly financial results today, for the 2nd quarter of 2011 (Jan – Mar 11). As many people have noticed, they put up some big numbers, yet again. Just some quick highlights:

Once again, the best, non holiday quarter ever, with $24.667 Billion in revenue and $5.99 Billion in profits. A while back I predicted that Apple would join the “$100 Billion Revenue a year” club in FY 2012, and they seem to be on track for that with these numbers.

They shipped just over 4.5 Million iPads in the quarter, bringing the grand total since introduction up to almost 19.5 Million. Almost 20 Million in just 4 quarters. It’s interesting how fast iPad is being adopted; it took iPhone 8 quarters to reach the 20 Million mark, and iPod took 12 quarters to reach that number.

Unit sales and revenue for every product was down significantly from the previous quarter (which was the holiday quarter)… except for iPhone. iPhone sales were actually up quite a bit from the previous quarter (113% to be precise, Captain), with 18.6 Million units shipped, generating almost $12.3 Billion in revenue. I expected iPad sales to be down, following the same “jig saw” pattern we’ve seen with iPod sales, but it’s interesting that iPhone did not follow that paradigm. It’s also interesting to note that iPhone accounted for just shy of 50% of Apple’s total revenue for the quarter. 49.86%, if you want to be picky about it…

Gruber and others have noted that the year-over-year gain in revenue and profits was 83% and 95% respectively. That’s the best year-over-year gain in revenue that Apple has seen for at least the past 14 years… but not for profit. As a matter of fact, the year-over-year gain in quarterly profit from Q4’08 to Q4’09 was a very impressive 122%; $1.1 Billion to $2.5 Billion. And even that’s peanuts compared to way back in 2005; Q2’04 to Q2’05 profits increased by an amazing 530%, from $46 Million to $290 Million.

Still waiting to see how they did on the Fortune 500 list for FY 2010. I’m predicting a placing of 31st, comfortably in the top 50 and much better than their best-so-far (official) place of 56th on the 2009 list.