Well, as I said yesterday, I’ve been working on this blog post for a while now… almost two years. Well, not exactly “working” on it, more like “waiting for the data to come in.” You’ll know what I mean in a bit. And, yes, I know; it sounds a bit pathetic… but what can you do?

The genesis of it was a discussion I had with my good friend, Mr. Squid. I believe he responded to an Apple-related post on my old blog site, wondering if Apple could still be considered a computer company, or if they were making more money from iPods than from computers.

Because I had been tracking Apple’s Financial results for a while, I was able to give him information that confirmed, while there were times when Apple made more money from iPods than from computers, in general, computers were still the key to their business. Sure, they are more of a “consumer electronics” company, but CPUs are still what drives them.

In the meantime, I’ve done some additional research and pulled out some more numbers, especially some of their older financial results. But before I was able to make this blog entry, I wanted to wait until I had all the data for all of 2009.

Well, as of this past Monday, Apple has released their results for the fourth quarter of 2009. And impressive results they were, indeed. Other companies seem to be suffering from the recession; losing money or having “disappointing” results. But Apple did well. Not just well, but very well. I echo Mr. Gruber’s reaction: Yowza.

So, armed with all this data, what do we do? Well, as we all know, “these points of data make a beautiful line.”  So let’s make some graphs! After the cut, I have posted a bunch of the graphs in question. With them all, you may click to embiggen… although I tried to make them big enough to read as is. Enjoy!

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